I still feel like I dreamt it but it’s all so true! About a month ago Andrew Saure finally asked me to marry him. I say finally because it only took twelve years of knowing each other, almost seven years dating, six years living together, five years with our daughter, three managing our own house and two training a dog. Nonetheless, it happened.


After bothering him about taking the next step the last couple of years, this spring I promised myself I would stop bringing it up. I didn’t want it being me pressuring him into it. Well this summer without any suspicion from me, Andrew told his brother and parents that he was going to bring me into the family. His mother graciously passed down a family diamond from Andrew’s great-grandmother. He went to Borsheims to pick out a setting all his own. Then it was just figuring out when he was going to do it.

We purchased plane tickets to visit family on the coast back in March. This was my third trip to Ocean City, Maryland. The first time was our very first vacation together. The second time was Quinn’s very first time to see the ocean. This one was the time we got engaged! OC will forever have a large imprint on our hearts.

6 years difference

if you take a really good look you can see that ring in his pocket

To get to ‘the beach’ we fly into Washington DC. Ocean City comes alive during the summertime and locals from all over the coast flood their way to the city so we avoid arriving during the busy days. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge can take an hour to get over if you hit just the right time – yikes. So we opted to stay one night in DC and make the way to the condo the next morning. The night we got in Quinn stayed with her Nonna while Andrew and I did a bus tour of the city. If you haven’t been to DC before I highly suggest you do so! That next morning we hopped in the car and made the three-hour trek to OC.

While we were unpacking and getting our plans for the week straightened out Andrew filled me in on a date night he planned in the middle of the week we were there. Guys, Andrew is not a planner. I am THE planner. I line up the babysitters. I set the reservations. So the idea of a date night planned by him raised my brow. But hey we’re on vacation with his family and I figured they were looking for some time alone with just Quinnie.

We kicked off the week by enjoying our days on the sand and crab filled dinners with the family at night. On Tuesday, we went to the boardwalk and then did family photos on the beach with the incredible Melissa Kratzer Photography. Wednesday, we took the day easy. I was coming down with a cold or an allergy. So rest was all I wanted to do before our dinner date night. We decided to do a sunset dinner at Fager’s Island. 


The first time I visited Ocean City, most of Andrew’s extended family went to dinner at Fager’s Island to celebrate a cousin’s birthday. Their food was incredible and they have the best view of the sunset. The sunset is so good this place even plays music in honor of the sunset- each and every night. Deciding to pick here for dinner was an easy choice. 


For our date night Andrew’s aunt hooked us up with a great reservation. We got a table right up to the window. I remember him asking to go outside to watch the sunset and I quickly shot it down. One it was raining and two we just got our appetizer. We had an awesome view inside so my heart was happily content where we were. Now looking back I realize that may have been the original moment he wanted to ask- haha. We chatted after with a regular from the restaurant and he said it was best sunset of the summer. We smiled ear to ear because we knew it really was the most beautiful sunset we had ever seen.


We wrapped up dinner and were working on deciding plans for the rest of the night. Andrew veered off the path to the car to walk to the gazebo area. He was really shaky walking down the wooden path to the gazebo. It made me nervous, like what the heck is going on his head. We hugged it out watching the night sky. Then he started kissing me. Because we were not the only ones up there I was said, ‘Woah, woah let’s not in front of everyone’.

He said, ‘Okay, I’ll stop but I do have a question for you’. He got down on one knee and I blacked out for a moment. He shook me do you have an answer? Of course I said yes! 

adinner and us.jpg

Photo on the left is a picture we took on the gazebo 2013.

We are so incredibly happy and can’t wait to get the knot tied 🙂


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