Mom Gifts for Mother’s Day

It’s right around the corner! You know, that wonderful day to celebrate you and the women in your life that mean the most. Every single year, I run into that wall of what the heck am I going to get my mom? What should I have my daughter make for her grandmas? Oh my goodness, I am completely out of time. So for 2019, I’ve decided to up my game and in turn, help you out as well.


Here are some unique ideas I hope you find some inspiration from:


  1. A Charm Bracelet

This gift is great to start and continue adding to every year. When I was little my dad purchased the bracelet and every year since my sisters and I always pick out a charm to add. It’s like a fun time capsule to open every year for us.


  1. Framed Art Print

It’s easy and every time you’re at her home you can remember how much she means to you 🙂 Last year, I paired this print in a frame from TJ Maxx.


  1. Coffee Mug

Because a coffee or tea lover can never have too many mugs.


  1. Lotion

My friend was gifted Crabtree and Evelyn’s Espresso and Lavender lotion last year from her husband and I am officially obsessed. Help someone else to fall in love with this same scent.


  1. Essential Oil and a Diffuser

There really is an essential oil for everyone. I recommend the eucalyptus or lavender route. This is also a really great time to support a friend’s small business. Personally, I find so much help with my essential oils here.


  1. Customized BoxFox Creation

If you haven’t heard of this AMAZING service you need to check them out pronto. You create a perfect box of goodies and they will mail the gift directly to the person you want to gift. This is a great personalized gift for Momma’s that are afar.


  1. A Fun Brunch

We all know how busy it can be to eat out on Mother’s Day but here in Omaha if you get out early enough you shouldn’t have any issues. Most places in Omaha don’t take reservations especially on holidays. I’d recommend the Early Bird, First Watch or Cheesecake Factory for delicious food. If you do decide to for-go the craziness of eating out, staying home is a great alternative. Make an easy French Toast Bake and scramble some eggs together and ta-da a sweet memory with mom and delicious food 🙂


  1. A Thoughtful Card

Honestly, mommas mostly want to hear how we’ve made your life better. Choosing a sweet card and writing in your own words are truly all they need for the holiday.


Mother’s Day is trademarked as a ‘Hallmark Holiday” but honestly taking a small piece of our day to thank someone that shaped you into the person you are is a day I personally will never overlook. The definition of a mother is someone brings care and affection to your life. I invite you to take this week to thank anyone that has done that for you. After all Moms do make the world a better, happier place.

Enjoy the day,





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