My Mom’s Vegas Bachelorette

Oh heyyyy!

It’s finally time I share with you all the details on the Vegas Bachelorette my sisters and I hosted to honor our mom. I promise nothing got too wild or crazy. Actually, with the two-hour time difference, most of us were pretty tired during the late-night celebration. But we were in Vegas so we just had to rally on!

Vegas Gals at the Bachelorette

The photo above was taken at midnight, but that was on our time so it was actually only 10 PM- haha. Look at all those happy faces. We kicked off the night filling our cup. There were pitchers of Hippie Juice and Margaritas.  The party was centered around pregaming then hitting up Carnaval Court.

Bachelorette Cookies

We purchased a variety of items to celebrate the evening. For drinkware, we got these pineapple cups, bachelorette glasses, a Flabongo and flamingo straws. I created koozies as party favors for everyone that was able to come. I am so happy to share with you how great the neon pink little things turned out. Just maybe I’ll add them to the shop. Can we talk about how cute these bachelorette themed cookies turned out?! A dear friend made them and OMG they are DELICIOUS- a perfect treat! For the decorations, we went really simple- just an inflatable flamingo and the sign.

bachelorette drinks

We shared a few drinks together and played a few games. The first was ‘Drink if…’ we did it in four rounds to keep the party constantly going. We played the How Well Do You Know the Bride’. Then we moved into ‘Porn or Polish’ which is absolutely awesome. I think it was the favorite of the whole night. The event wrapped up with a scavenger hunt around the strip.

It was quite a late night but so, so much fun. An added bonus was that the event was pretty easy to put together. I hope you find a little inspiration from our night 🙂

Join me in wishing a big congrats to Momma + Travis



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