Vegas Itinerary

We all know saying of everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Well, today that is simply not the case because I am going to tell you almost everything we did while we were there for four days.

This trip was an adult only wedding for my mom and her fiance, Travis. The majority of the time we filled with wedding tasks, but we still had lots of time to make our trip’s bucket list happen. Andrew and I spent our nights at the Bellagio while most of the party was across the street at the Flamingo. We were there at the end of March of 2019. Here are the details from each of the days!


Our two-hour flight landed in Vegas before 8:15 AM. You can imagine how groggy the group of 11 of us were. It was so nice that we all got to fly at the same time. We immediately went into my mom’s hotel room to drop all of our luggage. Mom and Travis made the drive to Vegas so they had been there a few days earlier. We changed into our bathing suits and hit the Flamingo Pool.

Flamingo Pool

The Flamingo Pool is AMAZING. We split pitchers of drinks and snacked on appetizers for lunch. Being that it was still March it was a tad bit chilly topping at about 71 degrees, but back home it was only about 40 sooooo we took the 30-degree upgrade.

After the pool, we did our hotel check-ins. Most of the wedding party was at the Flamingo or the Linq. Andrew and I had an awesome deal at the Bellagio that we couldn’t pass up. Plus I didn’t mind getting all those extra steps back and forth between the hotels. I am talking 18K step days #yaaaasss. My mom got pretty cute with the hotel check-in bags. She included a bunch of lovely items that were needed for the week: hair bands, extra toothbrushes, snacks and so many treats.

Hotel Check in bag

We settled a little bit into our rooms and then hit dinner at Carlos and Charlie’s. It’s right next to the Flamingo’s check-in area. I had been there before for a happy hour but their dinner was so, so good. I got the quesadilla but man oh man I wish I would have split it with someone the thing was huge! Our party was at around 15 people at this time so we took over the bar area. They also have a cute patio with some awesome chairs that you’ve gotta check out. Andrew finally made his way to Vegas just after dinner. So I took him back the hotel to drop off his stuff and get changed quick.

It was around 8 when we got back to the Flamingo to split our ways for the bachelor/bachelorette parties. I spilled most of the details (and a lot of the photos) of the girl time we had in this blog post.

It was the first night in Vegas and I tried my very, very hardest to rally. But in all reality, I am a grandma. Usually, I am in bed oh like 10. So by the time we were making out way out of the hotel, I would have had about 2 hours of sleep. But there I was standing at the Carnaval Court in front of the Linq Hotel. Side note- my family is obsessed with Vegas. Like my mom and sisters go every year. Carnaval Court is their go-to place. We went on a Tuesday and there was an awesome 80’s cover band along with some really fun bartenders. If you give them an extra tip they will do some fun Vegas style performances 😉


On Wednesday morning, we totally enjoyed the glory of being able to sleep in. We made our way out the hotel room around noon. We really tried to make lunch at Inn and Out work, butttt by the time we got there it was a madhouse and we were starving. We opted for the Tilted Kilt next door. We also made sure to stop at the Sprinkles ATM for a quick desert too.

Then we walked so much of Vegas that we hadn’t seen before. If you haven’t been to Vegas before prepare yourself for a fair share of walking. We walked the through the flamingo habitat, the halls of the Crowmwell hotel and the Bellagio Botanical Gardens.

Bellagio Gardens

After that, we made the trip to Planet 13. It is the largest cannabis dispensary in the world and it was impressive to say the least. Even if you aren’t into the ganja thing, it is still cool to check out.  They make the visit an actual experience with interactive exhibits and awesome bud-tenders that will make your experience AWESOME. There are orb shows, lotus flowers and interactive art. In total, we probably spent about an hour of time here. On our way out we found out Planet 13 does offer a bus ride down the strip to pick up and drop off visitors for free.

With the time crunch, we were on we had to take the 15-minute uber ride back in order to meet up for dinner on time. We met the group at Margaritaville near the Linq. Afterwards, we all hoped on a bus and made our way to Fremont Street for the night. Fremont Street is a must do while you are in Vegas. Oh my goodness the lights are amazing. This time we went it was a really chilly night so we spent our time venture through the casinos and indoor bars.

Las Vegas Highlights


This was the big day: Mom and Travis’s wedding day. We kicked it off with brunch at Guy Fieri’s Kitchen and Bar. Let me just tell you those Lobster Bites are to die for! Everyone walked away from brunch very, very happy. Then it was time to move on to getting ready for the ceremony.

guy fieris.jpg

Originially, the wedding was supposed to happen at the Linq Hotel, but about two months before the wedding the hotel started construction which then moved the ceremony to their sister property: The Flamingo. This split a few of the activities between the properties. Which was not a huge deal because they are fairly close. One of the activities that was still at the Linq was our hair and makeup appointments. Their spa is beautiful. If there was more time on our trip I absolutely would have scheduled a longer spa day- maybe next time. Once we got all gussied up the photos began.


The day felt like a whirlwind it flew so quickly. It was bam food, bam get ready, then bam ceremony. The Flamingo has a cute courtyard outside. We were lucky it was such a beautiful day! After the ceremony, we went to Wahlburgers for dinner.


The happy couple hosted a Celebration Bus around the city. We stopped at the infamous Las Vegas Sign and the GORGEOUS Encore Hotel. Omg, I was blown away by the beauty of the Encore Hotel. Vegas is notorious for being so ornate but the Encore brought it to a different level. It sounds weird but venturing through the hotels is my favorite part about Vegas and the Encore is my new #1.


I said goodbye to the hotel room with a bath in that beautiful Bellagio tub. Note to self- for the next house make sure there is a soaking tub. We packed our bags and moved out of the room and packed our stuff back into my mom’s room because our flight wasn’t until 8 PM that night.


Our flight wasn’t until 8PM so we looked at this day as a venture and see everything. And I mean everything. We walked from one side of the strip to the other. I am talking a walk all the way from The Flamingo down to MGM. Holy my calves killed in the best way haha. We stopped at M&M World to get a gift for our little lady. We walked another 45 minutes to enjoy a couple hours at Top Golf resort. BTW did you know the one in Vegas is the largest in the WORLD. A friend that worked there walked us all around the 3 floors. We got to see the VIP rooms, the pools, and everything in between. Absolutely worth the time to check out even if you don’t golf. We got there and it was a 4-hour wait to play sooo we opted for a couple drinks, wings and some people watching. Then we started our walk BACK to the hotel.


We chose to go down the opposite side of strip. We hit Eataly within the new MGM Park hotel. I am on a mission to go to every Eataly in the US, so far I’ve hit Chicago, NYC and now Las Vegas. There we picked up my favorite gelato and some pesto. We walked through the Aria and hit the Champagne bar. By this time my feet were about to fall off and we were out of time so we hyper sped walked back to the hotel to make it back in time for the shuttle airport drop off.

Whew, that sure was a lot of info. Thanks for sticking with me this long 😉 Next time, I definitely want to fest at Giada’s and check out the Neon Museum. Are you getting ready to hit the strip? What are your must-dos? Spill it all and comment below!

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