JoJo Siwa Slime

I know I am not the only momma out there with a child that’s obsessed with JoJo Siwa (side note and fun fact- JoJo Siwa was born in our hometown of Omaha, Nebraska). QB has been obsessed with her since we casually walked past a rainbow bow in Walmart a few weeks ago. So it was natural that she would be asking for every JoJo Siwa merchandise object for Christmas and Santa did not disappoint.


On top of the gobs of new hair bows, Quinn also received a JoJo Siwa Slime Kit. She has had so, so much fun with it. The kit comes with everything you would need to make a variety of different types of slimes. The classic sticky slime, the gooey slime, the bouncy slime, the fluffy slime, glitter slime, and even rainbow slime. It all just depends on how you mix the ingredients.

The kit comes with clear and regular glue, activators, paints, mixins, measuring and mixing utensils and a storage container.  Literally, everything you need to make multiple different slimes aka fun for both of you for a good chunk of time. I liked how easy clean up is with the kit. Usually, I dread anything that has to do with glue and paint involved. I  ran the bowl and measuring cup in hot water then patted dry with a paper towel before storing it back in the box for fun on another day. The storage container can hold two separate slimes they lasted about 3 days before they were too gross to keep in the container- hello dog hair.

IMG_1273 (1).jpg

So far we have created 4 batches from the kit but so far our favorite was the first glitter slime with the clear glue. Hoping to get a kit of your own? You can purchase it here from Enjoy it with your own little firecracker.


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