Whoa, It’s December

Did 2018 fly or is it just me? Last night we went out to celebrate my birthday and at the stroke of midnight Andrew looked and me dead in the eye and said, “it’s officially December”.  So weird to think that 2018 is wrapping up! This month I am planning on kicking booty at the gym, drinking lots of hot cocoa and making tons and tons of Christmas cookies for Santa to enjoy. Do you have any good recipes I should add to my rotation? I’d love to hear them!

This month’s download is one of my favorites. The bright red really gives me some feel-good vibes. It’s a reminder to be bold for the holidays. Be you, be extraordinary! Let me know if you have requests for downloads for 2019!


Click on the links below to save the downloads to your device:

Enjoy the last of 2018,


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