Friendsgiving 2018

Happy *almost* Thanksgiving!

I am currently packing my bags getting ready to head to Kentucky tomorrow morning. My older sister and I have a 13-hour drive ahead of us- eeek! Wish us luck with four kids in the car haha. I’ll make a post about how I kept Quinn entertained on the drive shortly upon my return.

For today, I wanted to share what we did last Friday to celebrate Friendsgiving. I am very happy with how my wall came together! Quinn and I walked the neighborhood with a bucket collecting the best leaves we could find. It is Nebraska and it is very cold so the walk didn’t last long but we sure did collect enough. I taped them to the wall with regular old scotch tape- I don’t recommend this but my walls didn’t have any issues with the regular tape. You may want to use washi tape instead- a gold would look really nice! Then I hung a roll of craft paper with twine and a tack. I wrote ‘so very thankful’ with a regular old sharpie. I have received many compliments on how it turned out and honestly it was super easy!

We hosted 12 of our closest friends for the night filled with too much food and Apple Cider Sangria. We asked each couple to bring a side and a drink to share. Honestly, we ended up with the perfect amount and food and too many desserts. It was perfect! I wish I would have gotten more photos actually enjoying the time with my friends, but meh maybe next year 🙂

I hope you have a lovely holiday!


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