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I hope you all had a great Labor Day! I know I say this all the time, but my goodness time really does fly once you have a kid. I can’t believe we already have a preschooler on our hands. Quinn and I have been talking about this day since summer started. We chose to do the morning program that is five days a week. This morning she was so excited for school that she woke up at 7 without any nudging. Normally she’ll sleep until 9:30! She’s a bit of a night owl and a late riser due to her father’s bloodline. 😉

For her first day of school, QB got to spend the morning with her Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Dezi, Aunt Terran and her very best friend, Alayna. We all met at my childhood home because it’s walking distance to the girls’ preschool and for old time sake that is where we took our first day of school pictures. Check out the little photoshoot we had:

Quinn an Alayna are at the same school with separate classes. This is Alayna’s second year at the school. Their birthdays are 360 days apart but the land on days that make them land in the same grade. Alayna just missed the cut off by two days to get into kindergarten this year and Quinn makes the cut off by three. It’s funny how life works sometimes, right?

Another funny coincidence is that the first day of preschool was also my very best friend’s birthday. So here is my official shout to the world, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEZI MEDINA! How cool is that her office girls her a half day of work on her actual birthday? Actually how cool is it that she chose to spend her half day by going into work late so she could spend the morning wishing her Godbaby a good day at preschool? She is the greatest. I mean how cute are these two?


Anywho I hope all the other first day of school moms out there have as great of a first day of school that I got to enjoy. Upon dropping QB off, Dezi and I jetted to grab brunch. Enjoying hours together in peace and quiet happens so rarely so we soaked in that time. We ventured back to the preschool together. We couldn’t get Quinn to stop talking about all the fun she had. I have a feeling this going to be a really great school year.


update from later- thanks for the love on this post! Here bow was picked up at hutchfest made by Little Furey and her dress and shoes were found at Old Navy 🙂


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