Float Trip 2018

For years, like 8 years, some of my closest friends have been getting together to celebrate the end of summer with an annual Friends Float Trip. Every trip is always a little different but they each are always so much fun.


This year, we followed suite what we’ve done the last three. We make a five and half hour drive through small-town Nebraska to make our way up to Valentine, Nebraska. We camp out along the river of the BEAUTIFUL Niobrara and then float down it Saturday morning.

We left around noon on Friday to get to Sparks Campground around 6. Just enough time to set up a couple of tents for us and friends that we knew were going to be much later than night fall. This year we even had enough time to head into Valentine for a couple of drinks in their local brewery, Bolo Beer. I think they win best beer chalice for sure. We definitely bought a couple to take home!


Afterward, we went back to the campsite for some more brews and fireside nachos. We rally as late as we can and then fall asleep for as many hours as we can. We wake up with some eggs and sausage then make our way to the busses to hitch a ride up a few miles to our launch site at Cherry Bridge.

The float itself is about 5 hours. More or less depending on how many and long we stop for. This year the water was so high we new the float was going to go quick so we made a stop every chance we could. We hit every waterfall (including the tallest in Nebraska) and other campsites along the river. It’s funny how quickly the drinks go down in the heat of summer and when you’re in good company 🙂


I mean just check out how beautiful this place is..


I won’t lie I am already pumped for 2019! I am thinking we may try something different. I’d love to hear where your favorite friends trip has been! Please send me ideas! 🙂



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