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We just recently celebrated a birthday around here. I had this calling to those amazing number cakes but with the budget of zero dollars I thought I’d give it a DIY try. Boy, these bad boys took a good amount of time and patience but I am so proud of them!


I watched over 20 YouTube videos on cake making before I even attempted to start the process. I decided the best way to go about making them would be using box cake mixes in a 12×18 inch pan and then cutting the numbers out of the cakes. Each layer in that size sheet pan took two boxes of cake mix prepared as followed in the directions. I wish I would have made my life a little easier and only did one layer but I had this go big or go home mentality- haha. So for me doing two cakes with two layers each I used 8 boxes of mix, four chocolate and four vanilla. Whew.

After baking and layering the cakes with a classic buttercream frosting I popped them into the fridge. Doing this made cutting the numbers out easier and with less crumble. I cut my own stenciled numbers with regular printer paper cutting the strips into 4 inches and a compass to cut out the circle for the five. After cutting out the numbers I put all the scraps of cake into a bowl to make some delicious cake pop party favors- easy and it kept the party budget inline. Then came the hardest part… the crumb coat.


This step is so, so important because of all the loose edges from cutting the numbers out. I highly recommend watching this crumb coat video if you are going to do it yourself. She talks you through the motions and how to correct any issues. Obviously mine weren’t perfect but I think for my first time crumb coating I was cool with it.


Without a perfect crumb coat I decided to do the polka dots on top as well of the sides. This technique made it easy to hide my mistakes and I didn’t have to be perfect with it making it much more fun to do 😉 I got the neon food color dye and mixed the pink and purple dyes with store bought vanilla frosting. I used this piping set to ‘drop’ the frosting randomly all over until I filled up the cakes. Boy was it messy but dang am I happy I did it. 


If you are toying with the idea of making these cakes yourself I am all for doing it! Just make sure you have the room in your fridge and the time to get going on them about three days before the event. Have fun doing it!




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