A Mermaid’s Tale

Hi friends! Summer is a blazing here in Omaha. I spent this month planning and prepping for two of my favorite little lady’s birthday party. After a play date at the beginning of June my sister and I asked the girls what they wanted to do for their birthdays. First response was a pool party. Second was something with their friends. Preschool friends and a pool don’t really mix so we compromised and promise their would be kiddie pools, a sprinkler and water balloons. The girls were over the moon. Water and mermaids just go together so the pairing seemed like a match made in heaven.




We choose to celebrate the birthdays the weekend after the actual birth dates: July 28 and August 2. Terran, my sister, took charge of the food and fun. I took on the decorations and the cakes. With how large our friends and family base is we knew we didn’t want to do a full lunch or dinner so we stuck to the early afternoon. We ate seaweed dip (spinach and artichoke), crab legs (carrots), sea cucumbers (actual cucumbers), beach balls (cheeseballs) and, of course, watermelon. To drink we made mermaid lemonade aka lemonade with some blue food coloring. For the fun, Terran picked up a pinata! We also had a kiddie pool, horse tank and water balloons. Those water balloons lasted a whole 15 minutes into the start of the party- haha. Andrew used to work for an inflatables and event rental company. He had the awesome idea of bringing in a cotton candy machine. I am one of those people that never will say no to sugar.



Speaking of sugar, did I mention I made the number birthday cakes? The time they took may have been a little outrageous but oh my gosh they turned out so great! If you are interested in the details on how I made these cakes check out this blog post.


With the leftover cake, I decided to whip up cake pops as the party favors for our friends to take home. I love making cake pops so I had the sticks and baggies on hand but I included links to them if you are wanting to make them yourself.


For the party, I also embarked on my first DIY balloon arch. I wrapped it over the dessert and food table. I only used half of the balloons colors I purchased to make it look picture perfect! The purple backdrop cost a whooping $4 from Dollar Tree! I love the way it all turned out.


I love a good family gathering. For the little girls in my family I like to go all out. I hope if you ever plan a mermaid birthday these photos can be of a little inspiration for you!





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