DIY Bath Bombs

Happy Tuesday!

Bath time is my favorite time- seriously. When I was little, I would spend at least an hour playing in my grandma’s bath toy playing her all of her old travel size shampoo bottles. As I entered middle school, I was all about those oiled beads that burst in the heat and turned my hair oh so greasy. Now those beautiful bath bombs have me throwing my money on a very regular basis-  so I figured it was time to try an out home version.

Quinn and I together tried our hand at the bath bomb creation. It was a good first attempt but there are things I would do better the next time around. Quinn was over the moon to make some neon pink ‘flowers’ that smelled like her bedroom at bedtime.


I mean look at just how happy creating these made her! We were so excited for new bombs that we got a little over zealous with adding the liquids right instead of slowly incorporating them. While these still turned out okay we definitely will be doing them again.

Check out the recipe below!




Homemade Bath Bombs



  • In a large bowl, mix together the dry ingredients.
  • In a separate bowl, combine your oil and coloring.
  • Very slowly, add the ‘wet’ ingredients to the bowl of dry ones. Warning: pouring too quickly will cause a reaction between the wet and dry mix. If the reaction starts hold back the wet and mix the dry to slow the reaction.
  • Mix everything together until it starts to clump together. The mix should feel like kinetic sand it will stick together but it will fall apart.
  • Add the mix to your mold and pack it down.
  • Let the mix dry for at least 24 hours.


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