Bachelorette Fiesta

Not too long ago I was invited in on the fun of a girls trip to Kansas City, Missouri to celebrate a wonderful soon to be bride. Oh my goodness, did we have a blast. I love bachelorette parties, but I won’t lie I never am good at the gift-giving part of it haha.  So I scoured pinterest and found the idea for a fun gift without it being a gag gift. I would say the idea was rather ‘punny’. Here’s it all packaged up.

Here are each of the items and the little note that was written on each of them as she opened them up. I created links to make it easy for you to order everything from Amazon too.

  • Underwear– ‘#necessary’
  • A cookbook- ‘To set the mood’ (I went with 50 Shades of Chicken but other friends may enjoy Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings book more)
  • Glasses ‘For your inner sexy librarian’
  • Chocolate Syrup- ‘Something sweet to make tasks a treat’
  • Fruit By The Foot- ‘DIY edible underwear’
  • Nail Polish- ‘For a lifetime of getting nailed’
  • Pregnancy Test– ‘Just because’ 


Also I should note it was a hit at my friend Ashley’s Last Fiesta! Hopefully, you can use this for an upcoming party you have!

Happy day,


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