The Start of 2018

That felt weird… 2018? I thought 2008 was like two years ago.

Things have been getting very, very busy around here. I actually have a few products produced (and ready for purchase)! I have been in learning mode lately. Good news is I think I may have actually figured out where I am trying to go… Well maybe 😉

With that being said the New Year and setting resolutions go hand in hand, right? I like to set two five year goals, then create three one year goals break down each of those into quarters and then into weeks. This helps keep me on track without feeling overwhelmed.

What are mine? Well, let me tell you my year strategy

  1. More kindness less ‘niceness’
  2. Make the most of the last year before Quinn starts Kindergarten
  3. Get out of my comfort zone
  4. Participate in at least 3 popup shops

There is the sneak peak! I can’t wait to see what all is in store. I’d love to hear what your plan and goals for 2018 are. Please do share! Hope you can use this download as the reminder that you are in it for the long haul, you goal-getter you!


Download by clicking the link below:

Bring it on 2018,


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