Oh, September

I have a feeling that this month is going to be one of the hardest I’ve ever faced. I am looking at workload the size of Mt. Everest, so many wonderful celebrations that I can’t count them all on my hands and a very special beginning. This is definitely going to be one with a minimal amount of sleep and packed full of adrenaline. You in it with me? I hope so.

My focus is going to be about maintaining positivity. Think happy, be happy will be my main philosophy.  Great things come with hard work and a fantastic support system. Just remember: we can do it.

So with the new month comes new backgrounds. Hope you love them!


Use these screen backgrounds as your daily reminder to think about the good things going on in your life. Download them by clicking on your device below:


As much as I love summer, I have to say September is quite lovely. The leaves are changing, football is starting and its the official launching of this thing I call Coalesce.

I’d love your help in making this a September to remember,


Mockup Designed by Freepik

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